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Self Publishing Books with Bliss Bubble Publishing

Paducah’s Bliss Bubble Publishing Helps Writer’s Take the Next Step

Is there a story that Grandpa told you that needs to be put in print for family history? Is there a time in your life that you would like to share to help others navigating the same thing? Is there something you have figured out by trial and error? Maybe your work, research and experience could make life easier for others. Is there a piece of fiction that has been playing out in your head for years? You think about it all the time. Maybe you have even got some of it on paper. But what would you do with it if you finished it?

Publishing can be a complicated and confusing process. It is so much more than most people can take on by themselves. For that reason many work with a publishing company to self publish their book. But look out when you start asking for the price. The beginning estimate these companies give you often starts at $500, but the add-ons and the price keep growing. To actually see your finished product is usually more of a final cost of $2000-$3500.

This is where Bliss Bubble Publishing comes in. We are located at The Living Arts Center in Paducah, Kentucky. Writers ourselves, we looked everywhere for someone to self publish our books. We couldn’t find anyone locally and the chain, national places were outrageously expensive with little personal service. We decided that we could spend thousands of dollars publishing our book or we could spend the same amount of money learning how to do it ourselves.

After a great deal of money, time and research we learned how to self publish books just like those expensive companies on the internet. But we also realized that we could do a top professional job without charging those top professional prices. We also knew we could give the personal care that we couldn’t find for ourselves. Wow, we could help other people do the same thing!!

When we were looking for a publisher, we wanted a quality, professional product but we also wanted to have complete control of our book. We wished for someone to hold our hand through the whole process without adding $50 here and $100 there with every step. We didn’t find it. The “Sisters Of Earth and Sky” way of doing things is “If it isn’t win-win we don’t want to play”. It was that feeling that helped us to create Bliss Bubble Publishing in Paducah, Kentucky. With the information we found we could create and self publish our books but we could also help others do the same at a fraction of the price while still compensating ourselves.

With Bliss Bubble Publishing, most books can be published in both paperback and Kindle with cover creation and all needed accounts and creations to sell your book for just a little over $500. We walk you through each and every step in an easy, understandable way. We help you understand your options and make good choices. Once we create your book, it is all yours. We make no claims to your creation and all rights and profits are yours. We show you how to work with Amazon programs that give you up to 70% on every sale.

Whether your book is in the back of a drawer or in the back of your mind, take the next step. We give a free, no obligation consultation to give you options and ideas. We share ideas and give publishing advice whether you publish with us or not. Bliss Bubble publishing believes we creative types need to help each other and we writers need to stand together. Contact us. Let’s talk about your idea.

Contact: Jennifer Hunt Location: The Living Arts Center, 627 Broadway, Paducah, Kentucky Email: Phone: (270) 217-4626

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