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How to Create a Life That is Art with Wings

What would you do if the Universe gave you a nudge that felt like your higher calling whispering your name? What if that little voice whispered something like, “You’ve been where you are long enough. Good job! Now...time to move along.” Then what if that voice also said, “Quit your corporate management job of 10 years - pack up the car - pack up the house - pick up and pack up your 91 year old mother from assisted living AND move to a tiny mystical town in Indiana? Would you do it?

In today's featured video, meet two women who will help you believe that you can recreate and redirect your life, even if it would sound crazy to everyone else.

Patti Blakeman and Connie Tousley of Pattilooloo’ heard that call and followed the breadcrumbs to their next step in their “Journey of Bliss” (what they call their lives from here on out). These incredible women have co-created life, love and art together and are the perfect example of stepping out of your own way and into the life you were meant to have.

They were cooking right along in Colorado. Both were part time artists with Connie spending 10 years in the corporate world and Patti taking care of her elderly Mom and keeping the home wheels turning. They were just...doing what we all life day to day...doing what needed doing. Then almost in unison Patti started hearing a very clear voice inside saying, “It’s time to do this differently”. At the same time Connie was realizing her time in the hamster wheel of corporate management was just...done. They both realized they yearned to spend more time creating art and jewelry and living a more organic, more authentic, simpler version of themselves.

They had 4 kids and 10 grandchildren between them, all living in the midwest. A desire to be closer to family added fuel to the cosmic flame they were stirring. But how do you just stop in one spot and start over in another? Who does that? How do you do that? Those were also Patti and Connie’s questions. We hear about people following the little voice that says, “This way now”, but we tell ourselves that the people who do that have plenty of cash, plenty of time and it’s easy for them. We convince ourselves that those kind of stories don’t happen to real people with responsibilities and bills and you know...stuff to take care of. But that’s the certified excuse that we give ourselves that isn’t true. Change is often scary, messy and not very cost effective but when it’s’s time.

How did they do it? In their words it all happened one little piece at a time, falling into place as they let go of resistance and allowed the next step. Years ago, they had loved New Harmony, Indiana as a getaway space. Never in their most outrageous dreams did they ever think they would live in what Connie calls “Vacation Land”. They were just going to stop in New Harmony to rest and figure out where home was gonna be. However, their angels had sent them there for a bigger reason.

Home is now New Harmony, a small town of 700 people, where everyone gets around on bicycles and golf carts. Home is a place where they have holiday parades with locals playing “America the Beautiful’ on kazoos. They now live in a town that has art and music festivals in the street, meditation gardens and labyrinths, but not a bank or Walmart in sight. As Patti says, it’s like living in a park. With a rich history and a magical and mystical feel in the air, New Harmony is where Steel Magnolias meets The X-Files.

In the beginning they had all the concerns that any sister would have. They took the first step which led to the next step which led to the next. Somehow they knew that the Universe would not give them such a bold desire and then drop them on their ass. They researched and took their action steps. Then they held their breath and jumped knowing as some say, they would either find soft ground to land on or grow wings on the way down. Upon their arrival Patti and Connie casually met a woman who knew of a part time job for Connie and a house that could be rented on the spot. Somehow…. 7 days later they in vacation land. Within 3 months they had art and jewelry in the local museum and art gallery. Patti shares, “We could never have done this if it hadn’t been exactly where we were meant to be, making art, making music, baking bread and loving the quiet of the crickets and the silence of walking the labyrinth”. Connie and Patti know that it is all about knowing how to create a life that is art with wings.

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