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Your Answer to "I don't know what to do"

For those times when it feels like there is something in front of you that is bigger than you are.

Trust Yourself Trust your own council and trust your own heart. Look in the mirror and ask for help. You may have worry and you may have doubt but you can trust yourself. You made mistakes and you’ve made missteps. You’ve made things you didn’t intend to make. But trust that you are now a better wizard, able to love and laugh and create. You are better because you have tried your hand, better because you have taken wrong turns. You thought you were just screwing thing up, when you really just chose lessons to learn. Now you can tell when you have been here before. You know when to stop, when to go. The school of experience blessed you with a degree. This isn’t your first rodeo. Know that you are different than you were last year. You are different than you were yesterday. There is magic in that knowing.

“Really, everything will

be ok.” So trust your gut and your judgment.

Your instincts will take you far. Trust yourself because you can be trusted and you are wiser than you think you are.

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