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What Will Be Your Encore?

There is a new concept in 2015 that seems to be the topic in lifestyle magazines and blogs. This new concept is ENCORE careers. Obviously, the word “encore” refers to the call from the crowd after the show is over, asking the performer to do some more. The concept is brought together as baby boomers are retiring. Some folks want their nest egg to go further or they just aren’t ready to stop working. NOW they are gonna do what they want to do. YIPPEE!!!! Now that is the Sisters of Earth and Sky Spirit!!!!

The point of an ENCORE career is doing work that is exciting, work that has meaning. Profit or non-profit doing something that you look forward to everyday. Often after doing what they were “suppose” to do, some are having careers that matter, work that is fun, something interesting, something more……...true to who they are and want to be.

This Encore idea is just inspiring. For every woman who had a 20 year career that was what Daddy wanted her to do, there will be a woman who is assistant manager of that great coffee shop down the street with the cool boutique in the back. For every woman who worked in a job just because she had a degree that matched that job, there will be a woman who works as her friend’s assistant assembling sports headbands for her Etsy store. For every woman who was raising 2 kids and doing a job that was more about cash flow and braces than inspiration, there will be a woman who is starting her own business creating something she loves.

Now of course, we are believers in eating your cupcake before your pork chop and salad if that is what sings for you. That brings us to another thought. WHAT IF YOU HAD YOUR ENCORE CAREER FIRST...or at least 2nd or 3rd before the final act of your working life. What if you had dessert first instead of waiting for the end of the meal? What would you do if you could really enjoy your work? What would you do if you could make a living doing something you are excited about? What would it take for that to happen? What would your ENCORE job be? We would really like to know or if you are living your ENCORE job (first or last) contact us. We might share your story on The Imagination Station.

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