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Mindfullness vs Soulfulness

As the Sisters of Earth and Sky, we have put great importance to being “mindful”. It seems important to not go off half cocked as our mother’s generation called it, (sort of afraid to ask where that phrase came from). It means to really think something through, really ask yourself good questions like, “Is this a good idea?” “Am I going to regret this?” “Is this really what I want?” It’s also meant to think outside the box and beyond our ego or limited ideas of how life works. That’s always a good idea, right? Well… Isn’t it?


However, we are finding as we talk to our Sister tribe and look over our own lives that sometimes, “mindfulness” isn’t as useful or as important as “soulfulness”. What’s the difference? Well, let’s talk about that.

Mindfulness involves….well your mind. Because of that if we aren’t careful, we can easily over think things. This dear Sisters is where those icky voices of doubt and fear can set up housekeeping in the attic of our personal reality.

Soulfulness on the other hand is like getting your information from the source of their creation. There is no thinking involved in soulfulness. It’s more of a “gut” feeling. It’s a knowing that says, “This way over here.” “Yes, that’s the way to go!” If you look back at your own life we are sure that you can find times that you did something that made no sense to anyone else, but you knew it was the right thing for you.

You will know you are being soulful when you are following your bliss, listening to your authentic self and listening to your heart. By the way, listening to your heart gets a bad wrap because often we are listening to our hormones and just call it listening to our heart. So no bad mouthing that awesome heart of yours.

You will know you are being “soulful” when you believe in how you spend your days. When most everything you invest your time in, is something that truly has meaning to you. When you can hear your own voice, you will know you are living from your soul. Soulful living is checking in with that spot just above your belly button that bounces in happiness and aches in times of anything that just doesn’t feel right.

What if in times of decision you consulted your mindfulness? Your mind is an awesome computer, might as well use it. But what if you also consulted your SOULFULNESS, your connection to your soul, your connection to your authentic self and the organic, real YOU. What would your life look like? How would you feel? Who would you be?

Has your life been designed by your soul? If it hasn’t, what would it look like if it was? How would it be different? How would YOU be different?

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