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Is Your Life Full or Overloaded?

We’ve talked about what EXPANSION is and what it isn’t. We’re hearing our Sisters say that they are confused about how to expand in a life that feels too full already. Know that there is a difference between “full” and “overloaded”.

An Overloaded Life feels tight, tense, fragile, like it could topple over its brim and stain the carpet at any moment. It feels like no matter what you are doing, you need to be doing something else. It feels like no matter how much you do, you haven’t done enough. It makes you feel like a computer spinning, unable to do the next requested action with more windows open than can function properly.

A Full Life may also feel busy, sometimes even overwhelming. Some days there may be more things to do than moments to do them in. However, even when a full life is pulling at its edges, a full life feels… well…full. It feels full of texture, full of realness, full of meaning, full of OMG experiences and LOL moments.

An overloaded life feels like you are tap dancing on everything but standing on nothing. A full life may feel busy even chaotic at times, but you always know where your feet are, what has meaning and what holds on to your heart. An overloaded life is full of “suppose to” and “have to” and “should do”. A full life is made up of “meant to” and “want to” and “get to”.

The only way to exchange overloaded for full is to really look at how you spend your time. How you spend your days is how you will spend your life. Look over your version of this thing we call life. Where do you want to expand? Where does it need to get smaller? What does a full life look like for you?

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