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How to Tell the Universe Exactly What You Want

In Pandora and TiVo you can give each song or TV show a thumbs up or a thumbs down. This gives feedback to the device as to what you might like to experience more of in the future. If you give a thumbs up to the Bee Gees you aren’t only going to get more Barry Gibb, you are also going to get other similar Disco music. Now the app also knows to send you Donna Summer and anything that sounds good with a strobe light. If you tell TiVo thumbs up to Law and Order, you will not only start getting recordings of every version of that show (and there are lots of them) but also any other crime drama.

Thumbs up is telling the app, “More of this please”. Thumbs down means, “No thanks, I’m good”. When you give thumbs down to Rap, the app is not going to send you anything that sounds like Kid Rock or Kanye. If you give a thumbs down to one reality show, you probably aren’t going to get any of the others either.

What if...our EMOTIONS are what tells God,The Universe, Our Higher Knowing, Our Fairy Godmother or Our Wish Upon a Star what our preferences are for future experiences? That would seem too simple as we know we would give a first kiss and a first place ribbon a thumbs up because they both feel wonderful. We would give a flat tire and flat hair a thumbs down because they just aren’t much fun. If it were that easy, wouldn’t we all just have a vending machine of the life experiences we like and none that we didn’t?

But what if while we are "what if-ing" it’s not that simple but it is that accurate. Let’s say that your best friend buys you an ice cream cone just because she thinks you are awesome. Yay, ice cream! Everyone likes ice cream, right? So that would be an easy thumbs up telling the Universe, “Yes, more things that make me smile like ice cream makes me smile!” But what if eating ice cream makes you feel guilty because ice cream is fattening? Gauged by your feelings, you just gave a thumbs down to ice cream in your feelings of guilt. Guilt doesn’t feel good so no more sweet treat surprises for you.

What if ice cream reminds you of your last boyfriend breaking up with you while you were nibbling on pistachio crunch? You feel yourself getting annoyed and angry as you remember that terrible afternoon. Again, you just declared ice cream a thumbs down, telling the Universe that you would prefer no more of that. It doesn’t matter that you love ice cream. You just sent out a signal from your emotions that ice cream is something you don’t want just falling out of the sky for you. It makes you feel bad.

Another example might be that you are up for a better paying, more to your liking, more to your talents, kick ass job. You feel excitement, appreciation and begin dreaming of all the ways this job will allow you to spread your wings. That would be a big thumbs up to your Universal app. Your feelings of excitement, and dreaming of all the possibilities would help assure that even if this job doesn’t pan out, another opportunity is coming your way. You’ve sent a “thumbs up” to the Universe on all things job related because new opportunities makes you feel wonderful.

But what if instead of excitement you feel, “Who me? I’m not ready for that yet” “I’m not good enough for that position.” “Aw man, now I’m gonna have so much responsibility.” “What if I screw this up? I’m going to be so embarrassed.” It might even look like, “Oh, I don’t want to get my hopes up on this because I might get disappointed and I’m so afraid of being disappointed...disappointment sucks!” It could even feel like guilt again, “But if I get a better job, what about my co-workers that I leave behind?” “I feel bad when I get good things that other people don’t get.” “I’ll feel really bad if I get this job.”

Now even though you have said your prayers and wished on 4 leaf clovers for a better paying, better inspiring, better everything job….you just sent out a thumbs down to getting a new job. You’ve also said thumbs down to anything else job related that pushes you out of your comfort cubby hole. There is not only a good possibility of not getting this job, but a good chance you will sabotage the next one that comes along. Your intention says “I am going to get another job” but your emotions says, “Thumbs down, no, I’m fine right here.”

Only you get to decide what gets a thumbs up and what gets a thumbs down in the Universal app. Decide to choose on purpose and with full awareness of what you are choosing, not by default or an old voice that isn’t YOU anymore. When manifesting, be clear on not only what you are thinking and choosing, but what you are feeling. Remember that fear, guilt, and doubt send out a thumbs down. Excitement, gratitude, and Inspiration send outs a Thumbs Up!


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