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How to Dazzle ‘em Baby

We found a giant $7000 prism in an art gallery in Sedona, Arizona. (yeah with 3 zeros) We were very grateful that looking was free because we couldn’t pull ourselves away from this beautiful piece of crystal and light.

How could one single thing have so many facets, so much color, so much depth and so much….whoh……Dazzle.

Standing there like two little kids at the candy store, we wondered if that is exactly how we look to our fairy God Mothers. Is this what we look like when we stand in our own space, sparkling in who we really are? Is this what a woman looks like when she shines in her own light?

Sometimes when we say, “allow yourself to be yourself” a S.I.S. (Sister In Spirit) will say, “But I don’t know who MYSELF is.” We’re with ya sister. We know what it is to feel like your shiny glass has fingerprints and puppy dog slobber on it. (no offense to our puppy dog friends out there).

Any fog on your magic prism is only created by hiding how you really feel, hiding what you really want and ignoring that voice in your head that says, "You got this." Today, own your brilliance, own your light and be who you really are. Be silly, be clumsy, but say "no" when you don’t want to do something and say “YES” when something makes your heart jump (we hope you say “yes” a lot).

Stop adjusting who you are to fit who you’re with. Stop hiding your uniqueness. If someone doesn’t get it, they just don’t get it. It doesn’t mean you are less than incredible. Be who you are, multi-faceted and shiny in deep colorful brilliance. Dazzle the world with you, ……the real you.

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