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Do you need a super sized permission slip?

Not long ago, we made a declaration. We decided in the future we would see more of the world through limousine windows. How’s that for a big girl decision? We determined this after splurging one evening for a night time Limousine tour of Washington DC. We declared it again the next year after another stretch joy ride in Boston. When we called to book the car, the owner was sure that two women in Boston on business would want the sleek black Lincoln. Heck no. We assured him we wanted the white, 16 year old’s dream car with the “Viva Las Vegas” lights.

Yes, the simple things are the best things in the world. We spend lots of time writing about long hikes in the woods and the smell of fresh air and sunshine. But every now and then it’s fun to let your Cinderella self go to the freakin ball. Believe it or not a limo in a big city is sometimes cheaper than a cab and the best possible way to see the lights of town. Limo drivers always know the best spots, the history of the city and the local gossip. It’s never too late to have a good childhood and it’s never too late to go to the senior prom.

What would represent a WAY COOL -“Wow, look what I get to do” thing for you? We know “way cool” things usually cost “way cool” dollars. We also know that you are a “thinking woman” and a thinking woman can come up with some interesting ways to make things happen. What if you made your own coffee for a couple of weeks and booked that carriage ride in the park? What if you took your own cheese sandwich this month and got that mani/pedi with a honey facial you’ve been thinking about? What if you threw your change in a jar till it added up to that horseback-riding trip you’ve wanted since you were a kid?

We have a tendency to tell ourselves that we are so above such silliness. We are grown ass women and don’t need fantasy and fairytales. We tell ourselves that mature people don’t need special treats or magic surprises. But all of us have a 5 year old in us that wants to play with wide eyes and open mouths.

What is your out of the ordinary thing that you could do to treat yourself? It doesn’t have to be anyone else’s version of “Wow!” but yours. Remember, the words you are looking for is, “Wow, look what I get to do!”

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