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Dear Sister...Don't Forget Who You Are and Don't Forget What You Know

Every now and then we come across a sweet S.I.S. (Sister in Spirit) who tells us she would love to be excited about life and embrace the “Live What You Love” spirit. However, her life has too many pieces that just don’t fit together. Don’t think for a minute that we haven’t stood in that same spot. We don’t have fairy dust in our bra or magic beans in our purse. We just know that authentic intention oozing from your authentic self is better than any magic wand, (but fairy dust in your bra would still be cool, right?)

The two of us have done so many things the wrong way, the hard way and the crazy way. We’ve been a train wreck when things came unraveled and just as surprised as everyone else when, “Wow!! That actually worked!”

In this world… we’ve all gotten lost, gotten hurt and gotten mad. We’ve been there. So have you. In spite of ourselves, life always has a way of reminding us who we really are and why we came this way in the first place. We only need move the coffee table so she can dance and stop “shushing” her when she’s trying to talk (especially when she’s trying to sing).

Somehow that voice always reminds us that we know stuff. Remember that you know stuff too even if sometimes it seems you’ve forgotten. Own your brilliance even when you aren’t sure where you left it. Allow yourself to be yourself even when you haven’t talked to that vision of you in awhile. Stop explaining yourself, even when no one gets YOU . Don’t forget who YOU are. Don’t forget what YOU know and ALWAYS Live What You Love.

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