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What if you had two older Sisters who understood where you are and where you want to be?  


What if they knew stuff and could help you remember you know stuff too?

How To Be Happy Being Yourself: Experiencing Life Your Way Without Being A...Bitch is much like that.  It's part book, part workbook and part conversation.  It's full of art, color, humor and inspiration that will help guide you through your own thoughts.

You'll find stories that address people pleasing, unhealthy boundaries and feelings of being stuck while also finding proof that it's possible to be happy while being true to yourself.

"Jennifer Hunt and Natalie Schubert, aka the Sisters of Earth and Sky. There are so many reasons to recommend these two bright lights of energy.  Many come from first hand experience of their gentle but poignant presence. They have been a solid influence of joy and peace. Providing space and opportunity to bring forth the best version of myself.


They are lovely conduits to finding the best that lies within the self. Like human-size magnifying mirrors, reflecting those qualities that lead to happiness - compassion, empathy and learning. One can always use a big sister who helps you grow."    

              ~ Julie Kolb

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