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How To Tune Into the Magic that is YOU!

THE SPIRIT AND SCIENCE OF CRYSTALS AND PENDULUMS is the beginners guide to understanding and using these natural, magical tools in your everyday life. However, this class is also perfect if you've been interested in crystals for awhile but need organized, well explained information.

Have you ever been curious about crystals and their uses but not known where to start, how to use them, how to identify them or how to care for them?  Are you interested in Pendulum work but  not clear on what Pendulum work really is? This is the class for you.  To access the class click on Image.

Have you ever noticed flashes of light or misty circles on your photographs? Have you ever wondered what they were? Some would say they are dust or processing imperfections.  But science tells us that they are energy that is all around us, captured only by digital equipment.  Spiritualist would tell us that they are consciousness that connects with us every day.  In this class we give you enough information to create your own opinion.

The Science and Spirit of Energy, Orbs and Consciousness. To access the class click on link below or image above:

THE SPIRIT AND SCIENCE OF ENERGY, ORBS and CONSCIOUSNESS. This class will help you explore the science and spiritual connection to the energy around us.

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